Our design methodology follows a process similar to a scientific method, from analysis to hypothesis, validation all the way to the final outcome.


As nature is the environment of species, we believe that humans are the environment of objects. When human environment changes and evolves, so do the objects and spaces comprised in it. For this reason, we begin every new project by analyzing its immediate environment (users, market, technology, cultural habits, etc.).

With this fundamental information, whether we are creating an object, a space or a brand, we are able to imagine a catalogue of possibilities that are relevant to the project.


Working closely with our clients, we discuss and explore the different possibilities unveiled in our preliminary analysis, allowing us to define the core ideas. These ideas then become the leading concept (the backbone of the project) and will guide the dialogue throughout the following phases.

Developing the concept

Our design process is iterative and is very inspired by the scientific method. We begin with the core concept, then we explore the possible paths from which will arise the functions, the esthetics and the materiality of the object, interior or brand we are developing. Step by step, the project materializes in the form of images and models.

Crafting the project

NOCC’s working method practices a simultaneous exploration of traditional handicraft and cutting edge digital technology, a complementary relationship which ensure that the final product sees the day in its most honest shape while bringing maximum satisfaction to our clients.