Studio NOCC was founded by Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb in 2009.

The team

Juan Pablo Naranjo (born 1981) and Jean-Christophe Orthlieb (born 1982) established NOCC, their design office, based in Saint-Ouen right outside Paris in 2009. Their collaboration is a permanent dialogue guided by a shared scientific mind and conceptual vision. For NOCC, an object is never taken for granted and, by adding different layers of understanding and playing with archetypal codes, they give their objects a poetic yet useful dimension. NOCC’s work include industrial design as well as interior design, branding and consulting. In 2013, Andy Géhin joined the team as product and interior designer.

A link to the world

The main question we ask ourself is how to create stronger links between humans and their environment. We believe that humans can connect better to things if they are given the access to understanding them by means of their own backgrounds. In that sense, by giving several layers of understanding to our designs, we feel that more people can connect with them. The stronger the bond, the more lasting will be the realtionship to the object or space.


Our interdisciplinary design approach ensures that our projects are both poetic and pragmatic, and state of the art design works in conjunction with sustainable design thinking. We believe that objects ability to last in time is the key to a brighter future.