Although the statutes are gender-neutral and the Custody of Children Act considers it to be in the best interests of the child to maintain a relationship with both parents, many courts continue to grant primary custody to the mother. Fathers have a fierce struggle in most courts, but the struggle can be fought and won with the right preparation by the father and his lawyer. Contact attorney Tiffany DeBruin for help with emergency custody or other family issues you need to resolve today. Call (517) 324-4303 or use our online contact form. We accept new clients, we have several daily consultations and we are available during normal business hours. If you and the other parent agree on custody, parental leave and childcare conditions, you can ask the court to apply for a consent referral. The judge must believe that the conditions you have agreed to are in your child`s best interests. But he or she will probably do it if the conditions give the child time with both parents. If you meet with the friend of the court, you declare your agreement to the friend of the court employee, and he can give you an order. A child`s preference may be considered if he or she is of such age and maturity as the court deems sufficient to express an appropriate preference. Each judge is free to consider the child`s opinion in a custody dispute.

To look after your children in an emergency, you must prove that your children are at significant risk and that the child would suffer irreparable injury if the court waited to be heard. You should work with a child custody lawyer in Lansing to discuss the evidence needed to prove that an emergency detention order is necessary. After reaching an agreement or a custodial hearing, the court will make a final decision in your case. Final custody orders may be amended, but only after it has been shown that the circumstances have changed or that there is an appropriate reason to change the order. For more information, see Edit a custody order. Abduction by relatives is a crime punishable by up to one year in prison and/or a fine of up to 2000 $US. The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act is a federal law that allows Michigan to impose custody orders from other states in order to prevent abduction by parents.