A duty of confidentiality protects your company`s trade names, trade secrets, and other types of valuable intellectual property. It also protects your business in case a partner tries to re-develop your company`s processes. Depending on the popularity of the retailer and the right fit for your brand`s target audience, retailers can become extremely valuable part of a chain partner program. the agreement shall not be construed as (i) an appointment of the distribution partner as an agent, broker or representative of TEAMLEADER or (ii) the granting of commitments or agreements in any form whatsoever, on behalf of TEAMLEADER, by the channel partner or a power acting on behalf of the channel partner to negotiate commitments or agreements in any form whatsoever on behalf of TEAMLEADER; to conclude, to resume or to take over. The relationship between TEAMLEADER and the channel partner is only that of independent contractors and is not an employer – employees, partners, contractors – agent or joint venture. Not all partners want to buy and sell your company`s product directly. Sometimes a partner works on behalf of another company that wants to buy goods from a third party. To achieve this goal, some companies will use brokers or agents to find and establish partnerships with other companies. If you register a new channel partner, it often means that you are filling out reseller agreements and other legal documents. The “partnership agreements” feature helps manage this process by allowing your partners to electronically sign legal documents such as partnership agreements, NDAs, etc. directly in Channeltivity. This article explains how the “partnership agreements” feature works in Channeltivity. Instructions on setting up and configuring partnership agreements are available at: Partnership agreements in the implementation manual.

Depending on the industry and geographical orientation, these documents may have different names, for example. B distribution partnership agreements, partnership agreements, indirect channel partner agreements, channel partner agreements. Whatever the name of the document, they all have a similar purpose. If your partnership agreement contains a indemnification clause, your business is on the hook for the retailer`s legal fees as a result of this action. In this section of your partnership agreement, you need to precisely define the types of incitive rewards available to business partners and how they can achieve them. This Agreement contains the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties and fully supersedes all prior or simultaneous proposals, communications, representations, agreements, understandings and warranties between the Parties, whether in writing or orally, with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement. Any modification of this Agreement, any addition or omission may be the subject of a written agreement only by mutual consent of the parties and is attached to this Agreement. Channel`s partner expressly objects to the application of its own terms and conditions. With the help of a channel partner, enter into a software license agreement with the software vendor and rely on the software vendor for professional services (for example.B.

Support) Your business must protect itself at all costs. Before you enter into your next partnership with a distributor, retailer, wholesaler or something similar, make sure you have a channel partner agreement. This type of agreement ensures that your business remains protected and that you enjoy peace of mind. Let`s say your company enters into a one-year agreement with another company. After three months, the partner activity cannot meet your company`s demand. In the absence of a termination clause, it is likely that you will remain stuck in this partnership for the entire one-year term of the contract. . .