5 9. BUYER`S REPRESENTATION AND WARRANTY: Buyer warrants and warrants that Buyer has no right within the meaning of the Investment Canada Act. 9 is 9. BUYER`S REPRESENTATION AND WARRANTY: Buyer represents and warrants that Buyer is not now an unauthorized person within the meaning of investment Canada Law and will not be at the time of completion. 10. COVENANTS BY BUYER: Buyer agrees to pay all applicable retail sales taxes and federal revenue taxes after closing. 10. BUYER AGREEMENTS: Buyer agrees to pay all applicable retail turnover taxes and federal turnover taxes after conclusion (or to provide equivalent exemption certificates) that are eligible for this transaction. 11. BUYER`S CONDITIONS: The buyer must close subject to compliance with certain conditions. 11. BUYER`S CONDITIONS: The buyer`s obligation to conclude this transaction is subject to compliance with the following conditions (which the buyer may waive in whole or in part without prejudice to a right to a breach of agreements, insurance or guarantees): (a) the seller`s insurance and guarantees are considered at the time and at the time of conclusion as if they were given on that date; (b) The Seller must have fulfilled all the obligations that the Seller must fulfill at the time of or before the date of conclusion. 12.

INVENTORY: The buyer or seller may require that the inventory be counted after the closing of the transaction the day before the completion date and if it turns out that more or less than what is indicated in the purchase price section above, the purchase price is adjusted. 12. INVENTORY: Before being completed, either Party may choose, by written notification to the other Party, that the inventory is physically accounted for and valued at the seller`s expense after the closing of the transaction on the day before completion, in which case the total purchase price shall be increased or reduced, to the extent that the valuation so obtained is greater than or lower than the amount fixed above for the inventory. Otherwise, neither the seller nor the buyer can dispute the amount of the valuation of the inventory. 13. ADJUSTMENTS: a series of adjustments will be made to the closing date of the items in the clause, which will be invoiced to the buyer. 13. ADJUSTMENTS: All business taxes, insurance, rent, water, water, fuel, salaries and vacation pay of employees, as well as prepaid items, possibly transferred to the buyer, are distributed and approved on the date of completion, the same day of completion is given to the buyer. 14. PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS: some documents must be prepared at the expense of the seller with any security documents at the expense of the buyer.

Each party pays the costs of registering its own documents….