12 Signed by TD Life Insurance Company. Medical assistance, damages, damages and administrative services are provided by our administrator. Benefits, functions and coverage are subject to conditions, restrictions and exclusions, including the pre-existing status exclusion, fully described in the insurance certificate included in your TD cardholder contract. Note that this insurance offers other benefits with different terms of sale than optional travel health insurance, which is available to all TD customers. The day of departure and the day of return to your province or the territory of residence are counted as a whole day. 8-day coverage if you are under 65 and 4 days` coverage if you are 65 or older. 6 Details of insurance coverage/benefits and restrictions and exclusions can be found in the insurance certificate included in your TD cardholder policy. Yes, yes. There will be no change in the way you access your credit card account via EasyWeb or the TD Mobile app. If you`ve arrived in Canada in the past two years, TD offers credit cards in addition to a bank plan that includes the ability to apply for a credit card without a Canadian credit history.

NEW Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance up to $2,500 per occurrence for each cardholder on the account and legitimate family members travelling with the cardholder. Not the right card? Other Aeroplan Card Options The TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite sign-up bonus, divided into three blocks and available until January 17, 2021, is probably one of the main selling points of the card. If you are not familiar with MBNA Canada, this is a TD Bank department. MBNA Canada has become a leading provider of co-branding and affinity credit card programs. The company offers more than 50 credit cards with… Read more Get a breakdown of all business expenses charged to your card and all the additional cards in your account, making it easier to count and tax returns. Just call 1-888-434-5463. It`s convenient and easy to track the number of miles in your Aeroplan account. Just check your balance on aeroplan.com or via the Aeroplan mobile app. Your credit card number doesn`t change and you don`t need to update existing pre-authorization debit data (PAD). If you are a cardholder, please continue to use your existing card and the changes take effect automatically on November 8, 2020.