It is the developer`s responsibility to provide a copy or summary of the agreement in accordance with Section 104 to all purchasers of land served by eligible sewers. According to the government`s latest recommendations, we have decided to close our offices to prevent and slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. (Please note that this only applies to construction of a single piece of land with tubes 150 mm or less in diameter) Once the design is technically complete, we will make an offer and, if you have accepted, we will prepare and outline the agreements for completion. The site of many public sewers laid after 1937 is known severn Trent Water. Warwick Borough Council has a number of maps that can be posted by anyone wishing to check if a canal is close to their property. Just come to the Riverside House reception to ask for the channel cards for your address. Unfortunately, for old sewers (installed before 1937) and for sewers introduced in 2011, it is not always known where they are going. Some of these older sewers are shown on public sewer maps, but many are not. This can be a problem if it comes to expansion, as sewers can only be found during construction.

If a public canal is discovered during construction, a request must be made to Severn Trent Water if you are building above or within 3 meters. For all development or extension applications, we will review the channel cards when processing the application. If we find a channel nearby, we will let you know as soon as possible. The purpose of this question is to determine whether the Severn Trent Water construction team has been in contact with planned or actual work on the ground since 2004, whether or not work has continued or whether a building permit has been required or not. The contact could have been made at the time by the homeowner, a developer or the city council planning department. The exact timing of the Section 104 application for agreement cannot be specified, as we will not reach an agreement until the design of the acceptable system is agreed upon.