This site is intended only for self-educational purposes. Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice or recommendation. In addition, the content of this site can make me obsolete and fake. Always consult an experienced lawyer, especially before you make a deal! Treaty on India | Canada Lease – Tenancy | Agreements on | talent agencies Ooreenkoms Kontrak – South Africa | Accord | Hospital Management Agreements | Partnership Contracts saaS | agreements Software contracts | Pennsylvania Agreement Samples | Pre-Nup | Agreement Australia -| Samples Examples of | contracts Indian Divorce | India Free Lease – Rental Contracts | India Free Lease Agreement Samples | Indian Contracts Act All parties to a representation contract must notify the CEW in writing of an early termination of this representation contract within 10 days of such an event. The CEW has created a standard notification letter (see resources section below) to confirm to the CEW that a termination has taken place and can be used to meet this regulatory requirement. Notifications regarding the termination of a representation contract should be posted online in violation of the representation contract through the Intermediate Management System (IMS) and the parties should ensure that the corresponding representation contract is terminated in accordance with its relevant provisions. Representation contracts should be submitted to the CEW through the Intermediate Management System (IMS). The various F-type documents have been drawn up to ensure compliance with FIFA and AI rules on cooperation with intermediaries. Parties are cordially invited to add their own clauses to these fa-type documents or to use their own models, provided they conform to both sets. The AI recognizes that the parties may wish to enter into contracts on a broader legal basis and, in any event, we advise the parties to take their own legal advice regarding the use of one of the standard documents mentioned above. These standard representation contracts are located in the following resource area: Registered CEW intermediaries must use representation contracts containing at least all the mandatory conditions of the corresponding standard representation contracts when acting in a transaction.