Are you thinking of following in these footsteps? It can be very affordable to study at the University of Jaen, as well as many other Spanish public universities, click here for more details. View of the Lagunillas campus from the Rectorado building. Solicitud de ampacién de estancia (Estudiantes Erasmus) . It is also important to note that outside the campus there is an area of new buildings that are ideal for students who essentially make up the entire neighborhood, as the houses are new and are composed of houses of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, and come with some nice benefits (air conditioning, elevator, heating, stove, ceramic stove, etc.). Prices between 170 and 200 euros. The cost per loan is 11 euros at the time of the first registration, and it increases considerably for the second and third registrations. The level of difficulty at Jaén University is not considered simple or hard, they not only give free diplomas (or almost) so you have to work, but the teachers are very responsive, they take care of the students, and the classes are taken very seriously by students and teachers because they can help you succeed. The Lagunillas campus is the place where all diplomas are taught; it is an enclosure and expansion in the north of the city. There are also offices in Linares (a polytechnic specializing in telematics and mining) and Ubeda (the school of alternating diplomas). All buildings are either modern or have undergone a process of renovation and put in place the most modern technologies. When it comes to eating or eating, there are two cafeterias where coffee costs less than one euro, and half a toast with tomatoes and oil, it is only 60 cents. Every day there is a menu for about 5 euros, while there is also an air-conditioned room with microwave, vending machines and comfortable canapés for students who want to bring food from home, or you can buy a bit of one of the many discounted shops that are all over the campus (sandwiches at 2.60 euros or a plate of macaroni and cheese for 4 euros).

The best at the university is its campus, and as all the buildings are built in close collaboration – which allows to maintain close contact between the university community – and that it is a university that, despite growth, growth and expansion (this course reveals 4 new buildings). PDI – Impreso by Solicitud Erasmus Docencia 2018/2019 . The Faculty of Experimental Sciences has very good facilities Solicitud Buddy Program (Internacional Students) At jaén University, you can study many different degrees and there are important laboratory and technology facilities in experimental sciences and engineering faculties. The department of philology is probably the one that lacks the most in the equipment (Hispanic and English studies) because many language laboratories have little audiovisual material and support, but nevertheless the department as a whole (teacher) are of the quality standard of the European Union, and the catalogue of libraries is very broad. The Faculty of Care and Physiotherapy has a good reputation within the Spanish university system and is awaiting the implementation of medical degrees.