The bold copies of the Zone Standards Agreement (ASA) are now in the office and are available to all members. Each local member should have a copy of this document in their possession, as it documents the agreement between the signatory employers and IATSE and contains details on wages, work days, work weeks, rest periods, production centres, distant jobs, pro-1s and many other details relevant to your ASA job. Those of you who work on shows should talk to your stewards and field agents, as they will be distributing copies in the days and weeks ahead. Entrance – the front entrance to our new offices will provide easy access to the administrative offices and the new meeting room. Improvements are planned in this area later this year, including paving and landscaping. 1 IATSE Area Standards Agreement IATSE has reached a joint agreement for areas not covered by the basic agreement or local production in New York. MARYLAND RATE GUIDE The Maryland Rate Guide applies to several geographic sites on the next page of the Maryland Council. CONSTRUCTION, Paint and SCENIC Rate WARDROBE Rate Coordinator Negotiable Clerk Supervisor Negotiator Draftsperson Third Costume Designers Negotiationable Key Wardrobe / Lead Set Penderie Key Gang Boss Second Costumer/Buyer/Stylist Third Store Craftsmen Third Telediff Machine third-party Modeler Third Key Size/ Fitter Second Diving Construction Third Seamstress/Tailor/Stitcher/Sewer Third Buyer eperson Key Dolly Grip Second Set Painter Third Crane Operator Third Scenic Artist Third Grip Third Sign Painter/Writer Second Pre -Rigger Third On Set Painter Second Electric Sculptor/Plasterer Third Gaffer Key Utility Technician Utility Best Boy Electric Second PROPS Generator Operator Second Prop Master Key Electrician Third Assistant Master/ Prop Assistant Second Board Operator (Lighting) Second Buyer Third Pipe Rigging Third Prop Weapon Second SPECIAL EFFECTS On Set Picture Cars/Boats Third Special Effects Boot Handlers third addi l effects/powder third person prop third person Second Diver Various SET DRESSING SOUND Negotiable Mixer / Recordist Key Lead Person Key Boom Persons / Assistant second Draper / Carpeter third person third key buyer VIDEO ASSIST first convenient second VTR /reading Key Dressers, On Set, Off Set Swing Gang Third Video Assist Third Greens CRAFTS SERVICE Greens Person Foreman Key Craft Service Second First Greens Second Assistant Craft Service Third On Set Third HAIR AND MAKEUP Showbiz Labor Guide 2010/2011 Area Standards Agreement – Page 1 7 Penalties Meal 1. 1/2 hour or fraction of which nd 1/2 hours or a fraction of which about 1/2 hour or fraction and any success 1/2 hour or fraction, French hours can be introduced daily. A worker`s consent to the use of a French hourly meal scheme is not a condition of employment. Start and Dismissal Times Local – Nearby Hires Distant Hires Set-to-set. The mileage value of $0.30 is payable only if the employee is asked to use his vehicle outside the 30-mile production area.

Portal-to-the-portal. In all cases, this depends on the date of the trip depending on the accommodation generally made available to remote rental housing and the corresponding production location.