La Boite de Nuit (a play on words in French meaning either The Night Box in reference to the mattress’s packaging, or slang for a discotheque), is the online mattress company Tediber’s first physical incarnation. Located in the heart of the prestigious Marais neighborhood in Paris, La Boite de Nuit is not a boutique but rather a real world experience of the Tediber brand.

The extensive use of wood mixed with Tediber’s products as architectural elements (comforters become wall dividers, pillows become roof tiles, etc) and the omnipresent Tediber graphic designs, creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere in which all the products live in perfect coherence with the brand’s identity. Customers can experience the different mattresses either in the center of the space, under the pillow roof, or in a more private « cabin » tucked away from sight. All products are displayed in a way that encourages the client to touch and explore each material.

The locations’s uniqueness is accentuated by the exposed stone facade of the 300+ year old building in which it is located. This stone wall, which was hidden behind the previous shop’s wood facade, was kept uncovered thanks to the use of floor-to-ceiling window panes, which also allow the maximum amount of natural light to flood the space.

In order to achieve a practical yet cozy experience, a great effort was put into the lighting setup. It’s comprised of a mixture of direct and indirect lighting installed on the ceiling as well as Nocc’s custom made « X » wall fixtures.

This allowed for the creation of clear horizontal layers of content within the space :
The lower layer is used for storage. The second layer is used for product display. The third layer mixes atmospheric light with product experience and information. The final layer, near the ceiling, is where technical and signature architectural items combine to take advantage of the entire space.
This way, La Boite de Nuit is not experienced only as a plane but rather as a volume.

Year 2018
Area : 70 sqr m
Client : Tediber