Parisian trends lab NellyRodi chose Studio NOCC to imagine the interior design of their new offices in the historical Hotel Cromot du Bourg.
The studio focused on a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. Everywhere, NOCC favored a perfect balance between the line and the curve : the line allows to structure the space while the curve brings comfort and coziness. It’s a place of work but also a place of life, exchanges, meetings. The space is functional and welcoming.

The line is represented by the lighting suspensions, a travertine bookshelf, storage spaces, etc … The curve, is embodied in the roundness of sofas, ottomans, coffee tables and meeting tables. One of the main goals was to give a human dimension to this solemn space, endowed with impressive heights under the ceiling (5.20 m in the living rooms on the floor). NOCC designed low furniture (sofas, stands, tables) – “like a life at ground level” – and luminaires at man’s height.

The designers also pay tribute to Jean-François Chalgrin, the architect of the Hotel Cromot du Bourg as well as the Arc of Triumph. He was one of the main figure behind the “Greek” phase of neoclassicism movement. NOCC punctuated the space with pieces inspired by this aesthetic: travertine bookcase, low tables like antique columns … For the reception rooms, they designed carpets which motifs are reworked aerial photographs reminiscent of old Atlas aesthetics. These carpets welcome furniture that, seen from above, evokes the forms of archaeological excavations

Surface : 800 square meters
Duration : 3 years
Opening : October 2018
Client : NellyRodi

Photo Credit : Yannick Labrousse