When Tediber was created we had the mission to design not only a mattress but also a brand that could speak about what your life would be if you could sleep better. So we didn’t only have the challenge to design a product or just another mattress brand but rather a whole Life-style. The inspiring fundamentals we established to mould the back bone of the brand are Simplicity, Design, Caring, being Extra ordinary and a little rebellious.

In an industry overtaken by a complex and sometimes shady offer, we wanted to create a product and a brand that changed the game and became an obvious solution to a life long problem, how to buy the right mattress. But we wanted to do so it’s clear that Tediber was not the promise of a better night’s sleep but rather the fulfillment of all the things you wanted to accomplish the next day. To achieve this, we started by developing a fantastic product, that would be firm yet welcoming. Several months of testing and countless material configurations allowed to produce a mattress acclaimed by the vast majority of sleepers. From this solid base, we nursed a brand that had the obligation of always offering fresh and innovative content through graphic design, product and content research.

Tediber is not sleeping. Tediber will enlighten your days and put you in a place in which you’ll be able to see life through more lucid and awaken eyes.