Humo is an ashtray created to reveal the beauty of smoke through it’s contemplation. As the smoke fills the glass, slowly and steadily, it’s easy to feel entranced and immersed within its curls. As it fills up with smoke that would normally dissipate within seconds, there is the feeling of capturing a moment in time and prolonging it for a minute or two.

Whether the user is a smoker, or chooses to use it as an incense holder (which works just as beautifully!), it’s easy to get a sense of ritual, or at least take a small pause with this simple yet multidimensional ashtray.

The Humo ashtray was created to blend in a single object a sense of poetry as well as functionality. The ashtray is shaped like a glass dome with a cutout on the side where one can access the inside of the astray, as well as rest their cigarette.

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Dimensions : 15,5 x 9 cm

Material : Glass

Photo Credit (pic 3&4) : Quentin Evrard