Platform is at once a structure and an object. The structure is reduced to essential elements that evoke a range of items, spanning from plinths to coffee tables. Functionality comes from its archetypical form as a table, and the beauty of the structure comes from the play of light and shadow against finished metal.

Once Platform’s structures are assembled, they create a micro-landscape upon which objects can be set to interact with the environment.

The structures, while suggesting only simple tables, adhere to strict mathematical proportions. At the same time, they allow for new functionality with a base that acts as a magazine or book holder.

Discovering Platform through different points of view, a user sees deep contrast between void and matter. The object doesn’t seem to change form as much as it seems to appear and disappear with a tilt of the head.

Design by Juan Pablo Naranjo

Dimension :
35x35x45 cm
35x35x36 cm
35x35x28 cm

Material : steel, anodized-like paint

Platform tables are available at 19 Greek Street Gallery, London


Image credits : Joe Boggon