The Trapped Vases collection is a set of four vases trapped inside cylinders, exposing only vases’ very tops and bottoms. In spite of this, we still recognize the objects as vases because of their familiar forms.

As social individuals, we learn to recognize instinctively which functions correspond to certain objects. Watching children draw a variety of objects and seeing the essential shapes of chairs, tables, houses, and other forms emerge in similar and predictable form, we get an idea of the archetypes we all share.

In the case of these vases we implicitly have a collection of simple shapes that come to mind when we think of a vessel for flowers in the home.

The Trapped Vases show us that in spite of what’s hidden by the cylinder, we can still, by recognizing a fraction of the shapes we know, attribute the archetype and correct use of the object.

Dimensions :
Diameter 95mm
Heights : 173 – 169 – 192 – 162 mm

Material : porcelain


Image credit (pic 1) : Quentin Evrard